When we first moved to Florida from Ohio we were always worried about getting stuck with a lot in a major flood zone, scrub jays, gopher tortoises, heritage oaks, unbuildable lot, swamp land, no power available, high crime area, etc. If you see a lot in the area on other websites that are extremly cheap there is a high probability of something being wrong with the lot or the neighborhood it is located in. With our lots you don't have to worry about any of the above as we research flood maps neighborhood crime Scrub Jays etc. Our lots are located in a prime area of North Port/Rotonda West. We know what areas to stay away from. Most of our lots are in a non flood (zone X). We will not purchase or sell lots with the issues stated above. So you dont have to worry about any of the lots you see on our website like we did for our move to Florida when searching on other websites. Our goal is to make you as happy as possible with the lot we sell you. We welcome out of state customers!

Scrub Jay List (AVOID SCRUBJAYS)             http://www.cityofnorthport.com/home/showdocument?id=7053

↓ Our Property Maps/Pics ↓

14403 Agate St. Canal Lot

128 Hercules Dr. New Custom home built 2 lots over

*NEW* Double Lot Koltenborn Rd. North Port

Landau Ave. Oversized Lot

128 Hercules Dr.City Water/Sewer

14403 Keystone Blvd. *NEW*

14403 Keystone Blvd. Gulf Access Located on Snapper Waterway!

240 Australian Dr. Rotonda Lakes

*NEW City Water* Escambia Circle

Oversized Lot Landau Ave. North Port

*NEW* Agate St. South Gulf Cove

*NEW* Babian St. North Port

*NEW* Trimble Ave. Corner

*NEW* Gascom St. Corner

*NEW* Kabbaby St North Port

109 Lantana Rd. Oversized Corner Lot

*NEW* Floret CT. Oversized Lot City Water